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The paddle shaft on the pan doesn't turn, it's stuck

My motor works well but the paddle shaft on the pan doesn't turn, it's stuck, I applied some oil and let it sit overnight but still not turning, I tried to with a tool and it turns but very hard that way the motor doesn't turn it.

Any idea how to fix it ?

I would appreciate.

Thank you

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The paddle does not turn when the pan is not in the machine so it is not a drive belt problem. The paddle spindle does not move. There does not seem to be an oil access point to lubricate the spindle. There does not seem to a way to disassemble the spindle to clean or lubricate it. My machine is a BM07.


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Dawn dish soap and water mix in bread pot to top of shaft and paddle.

Put bread pot in larger pot with water,don’t let bread pot float.

Gentle boil large pot to heat soap water in bread pot.

While boiling try turning paddle,use wood tongs or no scratch tool so coating is not scratched.

Keep working shaft,should free up.

Repeat process with clean water to rinse, repeat till clean of soap.

Hope this helps. BE SAFE!!

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It’s the rubber seal that allows bread mixture to get onto the shaft and bearing which then cooks and hardens. Soak it with hot water and gently agitate until it frees up. I managed to push shaft out by pushing from top and pulling from below allowing it to be properly cleaned. Now I do this after each loaf lubricating the shaft with cooking oil. I dont think there is a ball race, just a sleeve type bearing.


This worked on my Morphy Richards. I immersed the seized shaft in boiling water and forced it to rotate. After a few minutes, it was free of grease and rotating like a dream. Thank you.


Thanks, I was about ready to junk my bread maker until I read your solution.


I tried everything else. Nothing else worked, but this did. Thanks.


I'm amazed. The shaft on our 30 year old bread mechine was getting really hard to turn. I started to take it apart, then I read this and thought "what the heck, I'll try this first". I soaked it in hot water with dawn dish detergent and now it spins like new. Thank you!!


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Please give us the exact make and model.

Could be a timing belt. Could you have it on a setting (like for whole wheat) that has a delay for thirty minutes before starting the kneeling. Once we know your model we can give better advice.

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5891 Sunbeam machine comes on but blade doesn't move.


Same here sunbeam it turns but the blade doesnt move


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We had a similar problem. Use olive oil as a lubricant and set in your chair with just the bread pan, and work it back an forth for a long time. Over time it will loosen up. Be patient, it may take a while. Maybe a half hour. Also test the turning of the motor side for free spinning. On mine which is a Calmdo brand, I can turn the motor side with my hand. The fraction must be low or the motor will burn up. Test this each time you make bread. Very important.

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