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An update to HTC's original Vive, now with improved displays, sensors, and ergonomics. Released April 5, 2018.

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Headphones intermittent on HTC Vive Pro

We have a number of HTC Vive Pro headsets where one speaker is intermittently not working. Some can be made to work by wiggling the earpiece but then will go off again almost immediately. Is this a fixable issue?

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I have this same problem, there is screw lose or broken which keeps headphone still, replace that screw. Mine screw is cut into hole i have to figure how to remove it, have no small enough drill.


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Seems that is a common issue with vive pro, headphones will start to fail eventually with use, good thing is that those can be replaced easily. A more permanent solution will be to use the Vive DAS (Deluxe Audio Strap) and replace all the back part of the headset, DAS has appeared to be way more sturdy and headphones can be connected to vive pro with USB C to headjack adaptor. You will also need a headset mount adaptor, this is available to 3D print for free on thingiverse

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The headphones make contact with pogo pins. These build up some corrosion over time.
Below the side foams are the screws to remove the headphones.
Clean the Pads and Pins and everything should be fine again.

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These pogo pins don't hold tension very well and don't hold on very well.
A temporary fix would be to bend the pogo pins out a bit with a screwdriver.

Best solution would be one of the following:

Solder brass shims on to the contact points to narrow the gap between the pins (Can't just use solder as it is too soft and the pins just push through)
Solder wires directly to the pins
Replace the earphones with a headset

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