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An update to HTC's original Vive, now with improved displays, sensors, and ergonomics. Released April 5, 2018.

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Microphone stopped working on HTC Vive Pro. Is it fixable?

We have a number of Vive Pro units in our venue and the microphones have stopped working on a number of them. HTC returns are known to be notoriously poor and slow and I am wondering if it is relatively easy to replace or repair it. I have heard this is a common issue.

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Had my Vive Pro for around 4 months, started using VR for excersice. One day my headset mic stopped working. Suspect is due to water damage/sweat, because of the location of the mic right bellow and center of headset.

Yes I already tried the mute button on the right headphone but no good, mic its still being detected but doesn’t pic up any sound. Is it possible get a replacement part so I can repair myself?, because I got it second hand so no warranty for me.


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That happen to me recently, main suspect is sweat since I use it for excersice, since this site has already posted a tear down video I see the mic is located, the thing will be to actually get the part

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