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The Volkswagen Jetta is a compact car/small family car produced by Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturer, since 1979.

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car surges at start and at other times over revs.

car is a manual runs slow at start and at other times runs fast.

hose leak?

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You need to inspect all rubber hoses to include the air inlet hose prior to the intake manifold, you have the right idea but even a repair shop will need to do a visual inspection, its common that they get old, dry and crack, get rub marks to the point of leaking air and burnt from hot exhaust, etc.

You can spray carb cleaner around to find a leak, some mechanics spray some water around to find a leak but don’t go overboard. All knowing that your problem may not be an air leak but this is the best step to start inspecting if you don’t have a scan tool.

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You may also have a bad PCV valve that allows the inner portion of the engine to breathe to the intake manifold to suck out the oil fumes, the valve could be broken and you will not find that with spraying carb cleaner or water but if you have a bad intake manifold gasket, you may or may not find that with spray test. Any further tests could be electrical or mechanical but I would guess that you have a check engine light for these types of issues.


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Jettas are notorious for a lot of minor engine problems, and the part that causes the majority of these minor malfunctions is partly caused by the Distributor Cap. It is a simple fix and you will be surprised by how much better your car will run, or even start up with this small fix. Make sure your engine is not hot when you perform this fix. Open the hood of the car and locate the Distributor and then follow this video. As for the idle try giving the timing a little twist in either direction . it is a wire cord that is attached to the gas pedal, when you press the gas it pulls the arm of this lever like part. on it there is a small screw, with motor running, get a screwdriver, and with it, gently move the screw in either direction until the car is idling at the strength/ speed that feels right to you

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Your video link does not work, YouTube stated the video is not available??


The question mark was missing from the link


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