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43L621U LCD no picture after turning on

I have a Best Buy television made by Toshiba with the model name 43L621U. Here’s the problem I’m having with nothing else plugged in:

  1. Turn TV on
  2. Toshiba logo shows for a split second before going to black
  3. LED/power light blinks 8 times

Here are some images of the boards. If you need me to take a picture of anything else, just ask:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

If you think I might have to replace a board, let me know so I can order and/or pick it up ASAP.

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(Backlight LED Strips) A bad/burnt LED most likely. Have same issue. Have 2 of these tvs. One working, one not. Disassembled both to test my theory, sure enough the working tv does what yours does when laid side to side and plug the bad LEDs to the working tv and good LEDs to the non-working. Broken tv powers up normally with the good strips plugged in but of course doesn’t light up being as the strips are backlighting the opposite tv. Proves it’s the Backlight LED Strips, if you get what I’m saying. Burnt out LEDs are #1 problem I’ve ran into as of lately. Stems from backlighting being cranked to 100% out of the box when there’s certainly no need in being IMHO. I dial down all my LED tvs now first thing, religiously.

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Just disassembled. 9 strips of 6, 54 LEDs total. I’ve 53 working. Fed 18 volts to each individual strip and indeed 1 dead LED. (4708-K43WDR-A1213K11 ) is part number for kit of 9 strips.


Thanks for the response! I was dreading the problem being more than just a motherboard replacement. Oh well, guess I get to learn something new lol also sincerely appreciate the model name of the the LED strips!


I crudely patched around the bad LED by jumper bypassing like this. Not best solution but worked.


Is there a place I can order a single LED? I hate buying extra parts I don't need. Maybe someone on here could sell me the strip they replaced? I have a rework station, it's not making me any money if I don't use it.


You sure can replace individual LED's. Hot air station the way to do it. Source some diodes, flux, solder and with some hot air you're all set. Oh mustn't forget a few dabs of instant glue to reattach the lense diffuser back onto the new LED. Look for jeffescortlx videos on YT for everything you'll ever need to know.


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