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AARP RealPad MA7BX2 is a device that came out in 2014. Identified by the word RealPad on the back and the model number at the bottom.

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Have not used in a long time,is not charging .can I get a battery for

Do they make replacement batteries for this tablet? where can I get one?

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If your Googling doesn't turn up any matches for a replacement battery while using the manufacturer and model number as the search terms, you could open up the tablet and see what kind of specifications the battery requires and attempt to cross match it at outlets that sell replacement batteries.


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Try to search the model of your unit here in ifixit, then find the battery. It will shows all parts needed and also the price. It really helps.

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i have aarp real pad not charging new charger did not solve problem,,,,can i get a new battery

i have a aarp realpad will not charge have new charger did not solve can i get a new battery for it/?


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