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Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Fully Programmable and 5 Macro Keys. First released in 2010.

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Most of my keys work except 4, r , and f which set off other keys.

i accidentally spilled a tiny bit of water on the keyboard and they flipped it upside down and let it dry for multiple days to weeks. When it turns on everything is good except that when i press 4, r, and f as described sets off a bunch of other keys even though i never pressed them. And it keeps spamming those keys until i unplug or press the button its spamming or another button that’s no broken.

Any suggestion on how to fix it?

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There was a similar post about this a week or so ago which you may try searching for, Long story short, if you look at the keyboard the keys you are describing they are pretty much in a line and iirc, share a common pathway. Disassemble the keyboard and see what corrosion or contamination has done to the keyboard. If it appears to be contamination try cleaning the traces with 90% or better isopropyl alcohol. Might want to post some photo's if you run into corrosion problems so that other participants here get a better idea to help you resolve your issue.

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thank you for the answer but i have a couple questions. first by clean it with what do you mean? a rag wet with isopropyl, or... aswell as what should i clean it with? i saw someone say a toothbrush others say other things i just want to make sure im not making anything worse in any way.

edit: i will post pictures when i can


@Derrek Krause for something like that I would probably use a Q-tip swab that has been dipped in 90% or better isopropyl alcohol. If you are really worried about this then don't have any liquids around electronic equipment in the first place (and yes I do know from personal experience about pouring a cup of milk completely over a brand new Texas Instruments TI 99/4A computer which I bought for $500 back in the 1980's lol). Also get in touch with the Razer BlackWidow Chroma support department and inquire of them as what cleaning product to use on their equipment; if they don't respond, or if they tell you to buy a new one or offer no support don't buy their product ever again. Coming to a place like Ifixit is, imho, a secondary option to the primary one of making manufacturers responsible for their products. :-)


@propman alright thanks man, ill try all of those.


@propman i cleaned the keyboard with 91% isopropyl alcohol, let it sit and then tried it. i cleaned it with q-tips on all the areas i saw corrosion and it didnt work, those specific buttons and those only where still broken. so i soaked the thing and then cleaned it with a toothbrush like another post said and it still doesn't work. i have honestly ran out of idea's.


@Derrek Krause Corrosion is not the same as contamination. Contamination can cause corrosion over a period of time (for example, eating parts of the copper traces away). As suggested before, post some photo's of the affected area(s) to give participants a better view of the situation. Cleaning components of contamination is one of the first steps in proceeding to troubleshoot a continuing problem. If you desire to continue trying to troubleshoot the keyboard, you should have a multimeter on hand to perform continuity checks etc. Depending on exactly what kind of circuitry components were affected by the liquid spill, it may possibly be just a case that one of them were internally damaged during the spill and in that case will need replacing.


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