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Released October 26, 2018. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM or dual-SIM / 64, 128, or 256 GB / Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or Red. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 R.")

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My invert colors aren’t turning off when it says it’s off

So basically, i did nothing with my phone except watch YouTube videos. Then when I woke up I just see everything inverted colors. So I check settings to try and turn it off but it says its already off. So I was super confused. I even restarted my phone. Please someone help!

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Inverted screen or colour combination??


Both for me I don't know what to do


Go into your display and text size In settings and make sure your classic and there's another one both make sure both inverts are off just make sure they're both off the siri will say that they're Off but they are not so make sure they're off that should fix the problem


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You can try to reset all settings. This resets WiFi connections,Touch id,password,etc. no important data is lost. No pictures or anything else is deleted. Only settings. This could fix a software glitch.

You can try to update the iOS as well. This can be a bug in your current iOS version.

Worse case you can factory reset the iPhone and set it up as new. This usually fixes any software issues.

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Go to siri and say turn off inverted colors

(Idk if this will work I’m just trying to help)

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Thank you so much, I tried everything else but nothing worked then I tried Siri and it finally worked


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