The tablet won’t charge

So I was using my laptop. Yesturday, I was still able to use it and when I opened it, I was expecting for it to have low battery life but surprisingly it had about 80-90 percent. It was like… 5, 6 or 7 days since I last plugged it. Later on when it told me that my battery life is running 10% I immediately plugged it in the charger and the issue started their. It won’t charge my laptop but I can see that my charger is working and it is being indicated my a blue light. By the way, the “brick”, the one where you plug in the outlet was quite broken and I was able to fix it. It’s not a big issue since it was a long time when that happened and since then I got no problems with it. Going back I didn’t realize at first, thats when it told me that my laptop is running VERY low at 7%. I also plugged it in an extension chord. I don’t know what to do so I went to my room and plug it their and it finally worked but for a like… 20-30 minutes. And right now I can’t fully charge it. I need help, PLEASEEE!!!!!! I use my laptop at school!!!

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Use another charger

Check voltages with a multimeter

Try seeing if the computer will boot with the battery removed and the charger plugged in.

If none of the above are immediately applicable, either reread the first and second suggestions or take it to a repair shop.


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