Surface pro 4 wont turn on

Hello all,

I seem to be at a loss as to why my surface pro 4 just would not turn on. below i have listed the steps i have taken to solve the issue. I am at a total loss on what the issue could even be at this point, any input would be appreciated!

  • Attempting power up while plugged in (charger lit up)
  • Attempting power up after a day of charging (charger lit up)
  • Hard reset
  • Held power button for 30 secs, release, volume up power for 15, release, tapped power button
  • Plugged surface pro into an external monitor that works
  • removed screen, visualy inspected SSD, power and volume buttons, motherboard, battery, charge port, speakers. nothing obvious like a bent pin, corrosion or a loose cable
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Battery voltage measurement with a multimeter without the charger being plugged in? You need to check that the battery is actually being charged.


@propman i am seeing no voltage at the battery cable connecting to the mobo, ive got 2.8v on the left cell and 2.6v on the right. which is clearly an issue, leads me to think there is an open circuit on the battery logic board or its not allowing output to save the battery.


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