How to fix loose volume cable after removing back cover?

I replaced the battery in my Moto X Pure Edition phone, but when I was removing the back cover the cable for the volume control came loose. How can I fix that? I don’t have any way to take pictures without my phone right now, but in the guide for replacing the battery step 20 shows exactly what I’m asking about. The little S-shaped cable came loose right where the point of the tool is pointing at. Can I fix that or did I just break my phone?

Thanks for any help.

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that flex cable end will either be secured by pushing the cable end into the connector or the connector may have a little hinge that needs to be flipped up first before attempting to insert the flex cable end; once the cable is inserted the hinge is then pushed back into it's original position. I tried looking for a cleaner image of the connector itself but my google fu or something must be off today. :-(


@1:56 it would appear there is a bit of the connector showing and it appears that it maybe of the hinged kind but I am not 100% sure. Took a look at the reassembly end to but that flex cable isn't undone or shown any more clearly than in the shot at 1:56. Might want to search around on youtube for another video if you get stuck or hopefully someone will chime in exactly what kind of connector it is. : -)


Thanks for the reply, prop man. I'll check out some more videos. I hope I haven't really messed it up when that came apart. That adhesive is so strong!! Also, the phone was in the repair shop twice before and some of the little rubber covers were missing. It may have been damaged by them and I finished it off. :-( Thanks for your help.


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