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The Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Released November 2001, compatible with Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. Repair for this device is straightforward and requires only common tools.

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z button needs a ridiculous amounts of force for it to input in-game

2 weeks+ ago my controller wasn’t inputing z randomly or not doing it at all sometimes but recently figured out is that you need to press it down super hard to input in game so i tried cleaning it and the same thing keeps happening if anyone can help that’ll be highly appreciated

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Worn graphite on the rubber pads? I’ve seen this happen before with another guy’s PS4 Controller. Try getting a replacement pad, or just rubbing pencil lead onto the 'Z’ button pad.

Good luck!

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you mean the black pad or the box for the physical button inside the controller? i tried to find replacements for it but i couldn't find any, if you know where i could get some thanks a million


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