2 Dead Controllers. Tried cleaning, need help!

I have 2 controllers I bought online. That both showed up dead, none of the buttons or sticks worked. Tried multiple ports and GameCubes that I know work with other controllers so I know its not the ports or the consoles. I went through and cleaned all the pads, buttons and the board with 91% Alc but nothing has changed. The only thing I haven’t tried is swapping the cable.

Would it be worth swapping the cable with one from a controller I know that works (I am confident in my soldering skills) or could there be another issue causing this. I could try a continuity test with my multi meter to see if there’s a break in any of the cables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Personally I would try continuity checks on the cable, solder pads or connectors (also reseat any connectors if applicable) first. Visual inspection of solder joints and retouch solder any joints that look dry, cracked, etc Others mileage might vary.


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