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Model A1112 / 512 MB or 1 GB capacity

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Where to cut wires for expired Apple battery

Expired Apple battery has a sliver of a circuit board (approx 1" by 1/8th ")within plastic & foil that wires attach to-- Should wires be cut so that this small board is soldered to new good battery or is that piece to be discarded with bad battery?

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My guess is that you are referring to this whole assembly, and the answer is no, the wires to not need to be cut. However, they do need to be de-soldered from the old battery. iFixit has replacement batteries if you need one. It is a simple soldering job, with only two contacts to be detached/re-attached.

Imagem de iPod Shuffle Gen 1 Replacement Battery


iPod Shuffle Gen 1 Replacement Battery


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I am referring to the small board under the orange tape in picture-- Do I de solder wires from that strip or solder tabs from the tiny board under orange tape to new battery?


If you are ordering a replacement part from iFixit, that board is included on the battery. You would only need to re-solder the wires to the positive and negative leads on the new battery, after removing them from the old one. Just make sure that you know which wire is positive and which is negative. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.


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