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A transforming "laplet" in the Lenovo Yoga line.

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Some keyboard keys don't work

Situation: Liquid was spilled on lenovo yoga 710-14 ikb laptop. After drying and cleaning, it appeared some of the keys were not working. So I ordered a replacement keyboard, but some keys still didn’t work ( qweruiop). I assumed the new keyboard was faulty, so requested a new one. On the next one, again the same keys don’t work. Can it be boards fault? Or is there a chance both new keyboards are the same faulty?

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It would be highly unusual that 3 keyboards (original plus two replacements if this is what you mean) exhibit the same fault characteristics.

The common factor is the motherboard or the keyboard ribbon cable if you re-used the same one.

Try connecting and using a USB keyboard just to eliminate the remote possibility that it is a software problem.

Did you also clean the connector socket, where the keyboard ribbon connects into the motherboard, with Isopropyl Alcohol ?

Don’t know your laptop but if you re-used the original keyboard ribbon cable on the replacement keyboards, did you clean the ends of the cable that plug into the motherboard and the keyboard with IPA as well? Try not to grab the ends of the ribbon cable with your fingers after you have cleaned them as this can make for a bad electrical connection

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Thank you very much for the answer. The ribbon is new with every keyboard. So this shouldn’t be the issue.

I connected a Bluetooth keyboard and it works fine, so its not software problem as well.

I’ll try cleaning the board more, hope it helps.


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