Physical Damage and Intermittent USB Functionality, Including Keyboard

I have damaged the Surface Book 2 body, keyboard part, with a slight dent in the body just above the top row of keys, left side. I see from some research that the USB interface and the card reader are located in this area. This is causing the USB interface not to be recognized, and the keyboard and trackpad do not work. I can get the keyboard and trackpad to work some times if I apply pressure to the top of the body near the dented area. The keyboard will work for a short time and then disconnect. The battery works fine and is recognized by the operating system. I can attach and detach the two parts of the Surface Book with no difficulty.

I carefully and thoroughly cleaned the contacts in the hinge. I performed a full system reset. No improvement.

Is it worth it to have a repair shop tear down the laptop to fix or replace the USB section? I understand that the body is put together with a lot of glue, and taking it apart is difficult. Any idea what I would expect to pay for this type of repair? Is it likely that a repair shop will not get the Surface Book reassembled correctly, and I will ultimately have other problems related to the tear down?

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If you don't trust repair shops then why not go to the manufacturer of your unit to get repaired? See:


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