Gear s3 frontier ,The back cover came out! How I can fixit

First i apologize because i cant speak English very well.

The problem started when I charged my watch through the reverse charge of the Galaxy S10 Plus, and to clarify the phone had a thermal protector on the back which is the cause of the problem, I put the watch on the phone and I did the reverse charge and I got the phone with its charger, and in the morning I took My watch but it was attached to the phone! I tried to unscrew it cautiously but the two outer layers remained attached to the phone and came out of the watch! I tried to return it to its place and this partially succeeded, and the rumor was fully charged, and when the charger ended I could not recharge it again, and all I put on the charging base show me a natural start with the word “rebooting”

NOTE: I experience a heartbeat sensitive after the problem and before the charge ends and has worked normally

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