Drain Pump Stopped working, Replaced, worked for one load, broke

It seemed like a clear-cut issue, that the machine was not draining, and hose was not clogged. I purchased a new drain pump motor and replaced it. It worked fine for one load of laundry and now has the same issue: the washer doesn’t drain and stops before the rinse cycle.

Would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Additionally, I couldn't get the drain pump very secure with the bolts, so it's a bit loose (the motor is tightly screwed to the drain pump). The hoses were still connected when it broke the second time though.


Could be an intermittent timer (electronic logic board) rather than the pump itself. Not a good idea to leave the pump loose either; find out why it's not securely tightening up or you could find yourself in deeper problems.


OK thanks! Appreciate the advice.


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