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The Logitech M170 is a wireless mouse from Logitech. Released in 2016. Model number: M170.

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How do I change the battery of a T631 Logitech ultrathin mouse?

My ultrathin mouse battery, after a long life, is unable to hold a charge. I’ve seen replacement batteries on the web but no instructions on how to open and replace the battery. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide to replacing the battery? Thanks for your time and interest.

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Hi George!

Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial on this mouse model. :-(

However, some research I have done. It should be possible to remove both parts with a hair dryer and then with Jimmy or ifixit Opening Tool.

If you start dismantling and want to do a tutorial for that, don't hesitate to do it! ! ;-)

Imagem de Jimmy




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iFixit Opening Tool


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you need to carefully lift off the top cover. Best heat it up front to soften the glue.

herws the full story:

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