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Model number LS676 for Boost and Virgin Mobile.

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Issues with safe mode and power button

My phone completely froze. So I popped the back off, removed the battery, waited and then reassembled it. When it restarted, it was in safe mode (never had it happen before). I swiped the notification bar down and clicked the option to exit safe mode. My phone restarted and I then chose how I wanted to restart it. I chose home & app drawer (what I normally run). My phone loaded up fine and I have access to everything once again. However, now the power button doesn't respond. I mean, I can still turn the phone on and off by double-tapping the screen, but can't take screenshots or use the power button in any way. Please help.

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Hi Stephanie

The problem is definitely with your power button. With the type of failure you’re having I’m guess some type of water damage. Luckily this phone isn’t too hard to work on and the power button is a cheap replacement. I would recommend going for it!

If you find any water damage (white corrosion) inside, you should scrub it gently with some alcohol and a toothbrush to clean it up.

Best of luck!

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