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First released on 2004(after DSC-T1),which has 7.2 mega pixels and a Can take photos steadily.

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Battery Cover Broken on a DSC TX1

Camera battery cover on my DSC TX1 did not want to close. Can be fixed?

Didn’t know is the door or the camera issue. Thanks

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Looks like this is the part you may need, but carefully examine it as it is for a slightly different model:

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I really appreciated your quick response but those battery covers are not for a DSC-TX1. Those covers does not fix my camera. I love this camera so I will continue using tape to hold the cover in place. Thank you very much.


Looks like the only place I could find anything close was on eBay, so I would check on there every couple of weeks.


Same problem here with the Sony DSC TX1 camera The cover locking clip is broken and cover won’t stay close. Currently using tape to hold the cover


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