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Backlight Flashing Sound No Picture But Sometimes Works

Hi hope someone knows what the issue is here, i have a Samsung ue32d4003bw and when i turned it off 2 days ago it started to have this issue. TV turns on but instead of the Samsung logo backlight flashes on and off same once fully turned on except i have sound. Sometimes after leaving it unplugged or holding down power button (touch screen type button) it will come on and stay on until i turn it off again

Its progressively getting longer in between start up now. Been told its the mainboard or backlamp. Taken it apart and visually the power supply and main board look ok any suggestions?

PS have tried the torch trick but just shows the screen flashing on and off with no picture

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I would replace the backlight LED strip first. Since your tv is edge lit, it's not a big deal to replace. Not overly expensive either.

It's impossible to tell which one is bad (led driver or LED light strip) without some trouble shooting and testing being done first. If it's the strip, the unit will be easily tested with a known good strip connected. Do this before the existing one is swapped. If the led driver is bad, a known good strip will still flash. Then you get to do board level repair or just buy a new board.

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Thank you i will strip down the tv when i find the right led strip and start from there. Will update when i either get it working or have tried everything else as if t con i dont have that much skill as soldered to screen :-)


Hi quick update swapped out the led strip and as you suspected it still flashed, will buy the power board or replace the components in next few days and update again. Ps changing the strip was so easy but trying to keep the diffuser sheets dust free when you have a dog not so easy lol

Thank you again


Late to the party. Did changing the power board work? Thanks


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