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The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (SM-R760 & SM-R765) is a high-end smartwatch designed to reduce the need for your cellphone. Released in November 2016, the device has a 1.3" display, a dual core Exynos processor, and a custom Tizen operating system.

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Vibration motor does not work anymored after the baterry replacement

After the replacement of the battery the vibration motor stopped working.

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Well unfortunately this happened to me as well just replaced battery then vibration stopped working. I looked at it and it was my fault when i was pulling up the main board i must have hit one of the components that power the vibra motor the components is so small about the size of a grain of salt and i am unable and not cordinated well enough to solder somthing that small so i will have to go without vibration but the location of the components on the board is so close to the edge it is my guess the same happened to yours


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Did you repair it yourself or did a shop do it for you?

The component is propably damaged and needs to be replaced,

If the shop repaired it for you they should replace the broken part.

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I did it myself based on the instructions posted here. Normally I pay attention to instructions and until now I did not break running components when fixing other equipments.

What would help me is a how-to for the vibration motor in order to check if maybe its contacts got loose, as the vibration was working ok before changing the battery.


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