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Released in October, 2015. Identified by Model Number GL752VW-DH74.

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Asus Gaming Laptop Charging Issues

Okay, for starters I could not find the model I have from the options…

Asus Gaming Laptop GL551J is the model…

But anyways, Iv been having battery issues for a few months now. And they were resolved, but now my battery LED is orange and not green when charging. It says it is charging but if it is, why is it orange and not green if it is charging?

And please do not tell me that i need to replace the battery or the adapter with a new one. I cannot afford them. So if anyone has a simple solution that doesnt involve that. Please let me know..


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1 Resposta

Hi Megan,

I had this problem with my Asus VivoBook pro N552VX before .

You can try a several things:

  • BIOS update
  • Reinstall battery drivers - Usually Battery control method driver
  • Reinstall 3rd party software for control management
  • Windows Reinstall (factory reset -just only idea)

But that’s all. I’ve done a lot of things and my last step was a new battery. A lot of issues are, that Windows is showing “plugged in, not charging”, but if you get “plugged in, charging”, it’s usually hardware issue, in this case, battery.

Batteries are having an only limited warranty, always it’s 12 months and the lifetime is decreasing a day to day.

If the battery is newest then 12 months, you can contact your laptop dealer and ask for a refund or exchange, otherwise (I know, it’s difficult, expensive and you won’t be happy) you have to order a new battery. (and If the issue will still occuring, you can return battery to the shop for some reason like “incompatible”), but on 99%, your issue will be solve.

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