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In certain apps why can’t people hear me in calls

I have an iPhone 6 and the mic works I can Make videos send voice messages on Instagram but as soon as I go live on Instagram or call someone on Instagram video call or on Snapchat they cannot hear me unless I have headphones connected I’m wondering why this happens because it’s a hassle to get headphones whenever someone Instagram calls me they hear a static noise or like a noise as if wind is blowing if I don’t have headphones in its odd because the mic works on other thing outside of these apps although I am able hear the other person

just a side note that I have my ringer on silent and for some reason Bluetooth is on with no device connected and I have no sim

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Those apps haven’t permission to use your mic. Try uninstalling and reinstalling them and watch for permission prompts when you launch them.

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I have the same problem and I tried the above but it still doesn’t work so idk if my microphone is broken or not



The OP stated that his mic worked for sending voice messages on Instagram.

There is one internal microphone. The only hardware that could disable an internal microphone is a wired headphone jack. Anything else that could cause it to not work is software. Therefore, if you can make a phone call, or the mic works in ANY app, then the mic is not broken, software is not working.

btw, the free app TestM can be used to test each of the main hardware components.


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