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The 5th generation of the Moto E smartphones, released in May 2018. Model number XT1944 and XT1920DL

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The on / off button does not work properly after 5 months

I have a Motorola Moto E5 which the on / off button does not work anymore after 5 months and I try to find a guide and the correct part to solve this problem.

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Aye Caramba.

First,if you bought it new and it’s been owned for 5 months,it should be under warranty for 7 more. You should contact the manufacturer. Motorola used to have a fast shipping repair option for warranty. Unless the damage is caused by being opened. If it just stopped working,it would be covered as a defect. You’d need to get the serial number from settings or the back of the phone and call customer service. This would be your best bet. Almost every manufacturer has a 1 year warranty on electronics,regardless if you bought it at a reseller(for example amazon).

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I need a new screen for my moto e5

Update (09/10/2020)

I need a new screen moto e5

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