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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Fan always running with loud noise.

I recently bought a second hand 27 Cinema Display to connect to my MBP(Mojave). After I connect the usb and TB2 to my MBP. The monitor works fine, but the fan running at full speed for about 3 sec and then start to slow down until it reach to a steady point but it still noticeably loud (sound like about 4000RPM). I try to adjust the brightness to minimum and the fan is still at the same speed. I switch to another MB Air(High Sierra) and it works the same. I wonder what might cause this issue and how to fix it.

(P.S: up to day firmware)

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Sounds like your display needs a dusting out!

These are great displays! But over many years of use the dust buildup inside can interfere with its cooling. You may need to replace its fan if the bearings are gone Apple P/N 922-9358.

To open the display its just like the 2011 27” iMac, follow this guide iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 Display Replacement

Use a small soft paint brush to help scrub the surfaces to loosen the dust and then use can’ed air to blow it away.

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@danj Thanks Dan. I gonna give a try this weekend and I will report the end result later on.


@danj Thanks Dan. Just finish the teardown and clean up the dust. It is quite interesting that the internal does not have a lot of dust build up. I clean the PSU and logic board as well as the fan. After I put them back together. Magic happened. Everything perfect now. Thanks for your help.


Thi displays are like gold! give it plenty of TLC - Enjoy!


This was helpful in that it got me far enough to see where the processes diverged. My LED display had 12 screws - 4 additional across the top, and no cable up there. I was taking this apart to clean it due to what seems liked increased fan noise. I ended up taking two cables off from the middle section of the display, and just held it up long enough to brush off then blow out the dust. The fan in particular had a fair amount, but it was pretty superficial elsewhere. After I cleaned it up inside I reassembled cleaned the display and the front cover. I'll report back when I get it all hooked back up to see if it helped with the fan noise. I'm also noticing some darker areas on this display toward the bottom. See if this helps. Overall, the suction cups were a good investment!


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That’s by design. MacOS expects the (i)GPU to be stressed with a external display attached. Like you would use Final Cut Pro, or some other rendering software. Also the thunderbolt compartments (internally) tend to get hotter while in use.

We used to be able to control fan speeds, but with the new T2 Security chip that’s made impossible.

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Hi Gilian. Thanks for your reply. It is the fan from Cinema Display that noticeably loud. When I connect the monitor to my MBP. I didn't run any application and the fan is always on(even with lowest brightness and resolution. The monitor is ice cold). I have a 2011 MB air which don't have any T2 chip whatsoever. It still perform the same.


@gh1994 - Your MacBook shouldn't race the systems fan just by plugging in an external display. If yours is doing that you have an issue with your system. The system won't race its fans until it has a thermal load. SMC does not know what has been plugged in.

The external display should manage its own heat issues with its own independent cooling fan.

The T2 chip is not involved with video output


I'm sorry Dan, I misunderstood the question completely...


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