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What glue can be used for back glass replacements?

I am looking for the best adhesive/cement/glue to be used when replacing the back glass of a 8/8plus x/xr/xs/Xsmax. When using a glass separating machine you are left to put on a new glass but nothing I can find seems to have the same holding capabilities as the original adhesive. I heard Apple uses some sort of cement so I tried Dap’s contact cement multiple times but it’s still doesn’t have the same hold and the glass can usually be removed very easily. I have heard of e-7000 and all those glues but they don’t seem to work that well either, if you have any suggestions on how to apply or use or any adhesives in general please let me know I’m surprised no one else has already asked this question considering how long these phones have been out.

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I suppose no ones asked because most people just want it stuck on enough so it survives general wear and tear and still be removable the next time the person breaks it...


@c9679 yeah I get it the replacement glass usually breaks pretty easily too, but I buy these phones and sell them so I don’t want them coming off I want it as stuck on as possible


Theres alternative to b7000 I think it's called t7000 havent tried it but was told by a supplier it was stronger and less rubbery...


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An epoxy would be good, we use b700 but tbh its no very good, ive used superglue it is great but you literally have one chance to get it right. I`ve heard t700 is ok too. I would look at epoxy as it will give enough time to adjust and give a good bond.

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I’m trying to find something really good for back glass glue as well.

I’ve been using B7000 for all the edges of the frame and around the camera then middle areas and then a spot of superglue on each corner and a few more near the centre so that if holds tight while the B7000 sets and this seems to work ok but still looking for something better.

I was just recently thinking that I could use the same “hot glue” which is used for iPhone middle frames and have to be laminated and thought that maybe if this same glue and laminating can be used for fitting the iPhone back glass as I always remove the board, battery and rear camera before removing the broken glass anyway so laminating won’t bust anything internally.

does anyone know where to get this “hot glue”?

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I'm going to your method but instead of b7000, ill use cold press glue.


I have the same problem but I have a note 20 ultra but for me the factory glue wasn't strong enough or something because after 3 years of usage the back glass just randomly popped off


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I mean, if you want something that will never come off again, you could use JB Weld. get the stronger 24 hour cure time stuff. just be careful when putting it on you don’t put any on anything other than the frame.

I had a coworker use it alongside a playing card to patch a small cut in his car tire (at least long enough to get him a few miles home), if that speaks to the strength of the stuff.

only downside is it’ll make removing the back glass for a glass only repair super difficult. may be better to go with a lower strength epoxy solution.

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