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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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Strange Mark on Replacement Screen? (Pic)

Bought a replacement screen/digitizer and it works fine, but the screen has a strange mark on the top.

Kind of made up of vertical lines and looks like its underneath the screen.

I’ve requested a replacement from the vendor as I’m sure it’s not fixable. But I’m just curious?

Block Image

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looks like your screen lamination is not holding up. (the glue that holds the digitizer and lcd together). Im not too sure you could easily fix this without separating the digitizer and lcd and applying new adhesive which is pretty hard to do without breaking your lcd due to how fragile it is

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I agree..looks like a poor make or refurbishing. Unless the OP did the refurbishing this is undoubtedly more than enough to ask for a replacement.


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