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Apple's 2016 revision to their laptop lineup targeted at professional users. Features a 15-inch, 2880-by-1800 Retina display, quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 GB / 512 GB /1 TB / 2TB storage options, 16 GB RAM, and a keyboard equipped with a Touch Bar. Released November 2016. Features Model A1707.

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No power when battery connected, but starts when battery disconnected

Hi everyone. First post of my own, but I have used this resource often.

Recently my girlfriend’s MacBook Pro shutdown mid-use and would not start again. The model is the late 2016 15” MacBook Pro Retina, with Touch Bar (A1707).

We tried SMC resets, PRAM and every key combination we could find. Nothing worked. So she took it in to one of the local authorized repair centres. She was told that it was the logic board and it will cost more than the price of a new Mac Mini to repair.

She took the laptop back. I’ve opened it up and disconnected the battery. The machine starts up if the battery is not connected. If I shutdown the machine and reconnect the battery, then it is stone dead, despite the power supply being plugged in.

This is repeatable. I’ve being tinkering disconnecting and reconnecting the battery connectors with the same result.

I’m hoping there are some more tweaks that I can try, otherwise I’m going to try find someone who does board level repairs.

Any ideas?

Update: Dan’s suspicion of the battery being faulty was spot-on. I found a battery from a local supplier. I installed it and the machine is up an running again without any issues.

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Are you sure the battery is still good? Is the system charging the battery?

I would get a USB-C power meter to test the charger & the cable connection. Unlike MagSafe there are a few more connections between the charger and the system. One of the biggest issue is the version of cable (yes there are three different USB-C cables). The cable Apple gives you for the charger have heaver gaged wires for the power lines. Some cables have the same gaged wires across all of the lines and others are strictly data (no power). Here’s one tester Satechi USB-C Power Meter Tester. Plug in the cable at one end and test the line. Note the current, then flip the cable and meter the other way is the current flow the same when the meter is on the charger side of the connection?

IF the charger is working properly then I would see if a fresh battery solves things MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Battery and here’s the guide MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar Late 2016 Battery Replacement

Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Battery


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Battery


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Thanks Dan.

I'll get hold of a tester. I'm not in the US, so it'll take a while to get here. Or I'll have to try find a local supplier. The cable is the one that came with the MacBook new, but I won't rule out that it has gone bad.

I have my reservations about the condition of the battery. In the time between my original post and your reply I measured the voltage across the terminals in the batttery board (shown in Step 50 of the repair). I got 0 volts.

I'm going to try another cable/brick combo to see what happens.

Since iFixit can't ship batteries outside the US, I'll have to source a local supplier.

I appreciate the feedback. I'll revert once I've got a bit more info to share.


Thanks again Dan. I found a battery from a local supplier and everything is working perfectly. I'm still keen to try the USB tester to see if the charger/cable is faulty.


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