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The Ford Taurus X (originally known as Ford Freestyle) is a crossover utility vehicle that was sold by Ford from 2005 to 2009. Essentially the replacement for the Ford Taurus station wagon, the 2005-2007 Freestyle was produced in a single bodystyle with six or seven-passenger seating.

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Car won't start , "theft" warning light on dash cluster is flashing

Just bought car,second day won’t start.Battery and power to are fine.On my idiot light cluster to the right of my steering wheel,the “theft” light is flashing.JUST TO BE CLEAR THIS IS A 2007 TAURUS CAR,NOT A FREESTYLE.I have tried unhooking the battery,tried touching the battery cables together for a minute or so(what it says in owner manual) and turning the key back and forth in the ignition to set start positions.Being it was late afternoon on Saturday when this happened,the Ford dealerships are closed for the weekend ,so no help there.Could it be that I just need another key,or is there something else I could try since nothing is open till tomorrow morning?

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Usually the theft light will go off after 10 minutes or so.

The problem could be with the key, make sure it is not bent and take note of which side of the key is facing you when trying to start the car.

I had this problem recently and was able to get the car started by turning the key over and making a mark on the side of the key that didn't trigger the antitheft mechanism.

Eventually I had to replace the ignition switch. You may be able to change the key to fix your problem.

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