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The Moto E4, also known as the Motorola Moto E 4th Generation, or model numbers XT1765, XT1766, XT1767 and XT1768 was released in June 2017.

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Fried something? Says it's charging but it's not

My poor old Honda destroyed my phone… Same charger and adapter I always use in my car, plugged in my phone and drove about 3 miles. When I grabbed my phone to unplug it, it was so hot it literally gave me a burn. The cord was hot both on my phone and in the car’s charging port, and the phone itself was hot just around the charging port. It had the “fried electronics” smell, too. Its been 2 hours since. Phone is plenty cool. Plugging it into my usual wall charger it says it’s charging, but the actual percentage is going down. Still smells fried too.

What did I fry? Battery, charging port, or something worse? I don’t have access to any spare parts or extra batteries to switch out and test.

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@thewright could be an issues with the power management IC which will require a board level repair. For now I would suggest that you start by replacing the battery and the charging port. Use these guides for that Motorola Moto E4

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