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My phone charges to 100% but dies after a minute or two

Hi, I have an iPhone 8 that is one year old. I started having battery issues where it would charge to 100% but rapidly deplete and die at high percentages. I called Apple tech support and they did a diagnostic over the phone. They said my battery’s life was 93% so they didn’t think I was having a battery issue. They did however say that there was something wrong with my wireless charging system (which I have never used) and that could be the culprit. I took my phone out of its case and realized the back was a bit shattered, it’s always been in an otter box so I never noticed. Now my phone stays at or around 100% but dies almost the moment I take it off the charger. I’ve been using a power bank and saving for a new phone. I’m pretty sure I’m done with Apple products for the foreseeable future. Is there a fix for my issue or is this phone scrap?

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Hook it up to a Mac running Coconut Battery so you can really tell the status of that battery

Please post your results

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Apple is known for poor Deep Hardware Technical Support and every time they try to sell you a new Device. You can try replacing the battery, 90% of the cases will fix the Issue, another 10% can be Steam causing liquid damage, Liquid Damage or battery disconnection from a drop.

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Battery

Imagem de iPhone 8 Battery


iPhone 8 Battery


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I've never trusted power banks they do seem to cause a lot of charging issues and battery issues… I would recommend replacing the battery and then using a decent cable and a genuine plug for the phone…

We used to replace a lot of iPhone batteries when pokemon go first came out cos kids would walk around with the phones on charge and draining power at the same time all day hunting for pokemon :)

Whilst the phone is apart also maybe look for signs of water damage as this can happen easily if the back cover is broken

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Hope for your business they'll soon release a pokemon go 2 :P


Lol I hated it to be honest cos everyone would come in going nuts that their batteries being erratic and then went back having the problem fixed to using the cheapest nastiest broken twisted torn cable with the cheapest powerbank in their pockets... at least it wasnt as bad as the tristar replacements after the lightning port fans came out lol :)


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