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Best adhesive, glue or tape?

Hi, I am rather curious about which adhesive or glue is superior when it comes to sticking down the lcd to the phone. Lets say samsung galaxy s6 and upwards, and iphones. From my experience the b7000 glue does the trick on all, but is there anything better than that ?

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There is a balance! You can glue the glass on so well you can’t remove it to service the phone!

The right answer is to use the method outlined by the manufacture for the given task. Most phones use double adhesive tape either cut into the needed shape or you use a roll of it cutting to the correct lengths.

Today water proofing is often done which is a gasket material which is not glue! But a filler which like the tape can be removed as needed when the phone is serviced.

Generally the only glue is OCA used only when mounting cover glass over a screen.

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That's fair. I generally use glue to stick on anything if done correctly it's easy enough to take off the lcd afterwards if needed to do so without damaging it. I'll look into phones and manufacturer recommendations, it'll definitely bring up the quality of my work. Thanks for your answer!


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