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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Is this part the CPU or GPU?

Hi! I have an HP ProBook 640 G1, and I was taking it apart for a repair, and when I was taking is apart I took off the fan assembly. Under the heatsink was a chip. Is this the CPU or the GPU? And could it be upgraded?

Thanks in advance!

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Looking at your specific laptop, it seems that it is running with Intel’s integrated graphics alongside a form of Radeon 8000 GPU. Because of how laptops are generally put together, in order to preserve space they use solder in order to hold it in place, meaning you won’t be able to upgrade the specs aside for RAM and storage.

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I’ve taken apart many 640 G1s at my last job. What’s under the heat sink is the processor. It’s not soldered down, so you can replace and upgrade it you have the right part. I recommend going to HP Partsurfer before ordering anything though. You can enter your serial number and it will list all applicable part numbers for your laptop.

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