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The Yoga 710-11ISK was manufactured back in 2016.

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My lenovo 710 11ikb laptop is getting very hot and slows down

Why is my computer getting so hot after using it for 2 years with no problem?

This computer has no fan - it is fanless cooling technology.

It is a Lenovo Yoga 710 11ikb (not ISK - there was no option for 11ikb).

I use the computer sitting on a small book, it is elevated and air freely flows underneath it.

I have had it for 2 years. When I use it to teach english online (video-phone type platform) it starts to get very hot. The processes slow down and this effects the ping and makes it really difficult to work with video phone platforms.

Recently the air temperature is around 33-39 degrees celcius (about 90-100F) in the room where I am working because it is hot season where I live and I do not have AC. could this be the problem or part of the problem?

Not sure if it makes a difference but recently the computer fell and the touch screen cracked. It is still usuable as a screen but i has to disable the touch screen.

What can I do? Does it need to be taken to a repair shop?

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When i first got mine ( yoga 710 11ikb) the temps were 75c to 70 c during normal browsing. What did was i went into power settings and reduced the processor power to 90% from 100% and i updated all the drivers from lenovo website and then i went ahead and downloaded throttle stop and undervolted my cpu to -90mv .

Now my idle temps are 35C and my browsing temps are 45c and on high load 55c. So way cooler than before, so with few software tweaks and updating drivers ,you should be fine. Performance is pretty fast and snappy , i dont have any lags, i have another laptop with i7 5600u processor , this one feels faster than that processor. even with all the undervolting.

Mine has intel core i5 7y54 processor, but this should work on any core M processor, but you may need to test the right undervolting value for your perticular processor. Hope this helps.

Even as i am typing this , my temps are 37c.

Yesterday i watched a video and my temps stayed around 47c to 50c.

I am very happy with this laptop, i was worried about temps too inthe beginning but after these tweaks its COOL. and i also clean installed windows 10 from the microsoft website ISO. the usb recovery is easy to create. You just need to download windows 10 ISO from microsoft website and create a usb installer. Windows will auto validate your version because i think the laptop has license in the hardware , mother board or something, we dont even need to activate it separately. A clean windows install will wipe out any unnecessary malware junk that’s taking up memory or cpu power contributing to heat.

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