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Repair and support for Slinky Toys. A coiled spring made of metal and/or plastic.

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How do I play with a Slinky?

I got this for Christmas and don’t know how to play with it.

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Watch the 1960’s ad:

Here’s the 1980’s ad:

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You can make it fall down the stairs, you can stretch it out as far as you want (just don’t break the metal, its very common in slinkys). Flip it in your hands and watch it move back and forth really fast. Treat it like its a yoyo. Stretch it out on the floor and get scared for how fast it will go back together (kinda loud).

Also, if it breaks. Good thing your on a repair site:)

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Its just a fidget toy to distract you ;-}


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Your too late to play with it its 5 months after Christmas so now u have to put it away and give it to someone else next Christmas that's how slinkys work :)

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