How can I bypass my kindle password without amazon password or reset?

this may not be what i have but its as close as i can find and i cant get into settings to see for sure but any let me start my story. so i have 2 tablets both exactly the same one as a backup in case the other breaks well that one did break and hard too the screen was gone but i had some pretty important files on it 2 were apks for an app i was making and one was a photo that took me hours to doctor. anyways i had this bright idea that since all that was broken was the screen i thought hey what if i pull the boards out of both the tablets and swap em? well it worked but the thing is i broke the tablet about 2 years ago and never messed with em fer awhile cuz i just didnt have time so when i started the tablet and it asked me for a password i lost yet another round to this tablet and another issue is the these tablets were given to me as a christmas present and had my dads stepmoms son in law amazon account on them and i didnt have an amazon account so i just never took it off well fast forward to now and they live too far away now and i dont have a way to contact them and im not willing to factor reset it as i do NOT want to lose those files. help ples?

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ps i i cant see the files when i connect it to my pc


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