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Bumper too soft? Or been hit?

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Hello all.. like picture where I high light when I generally push in the bumper become moving inside out. And right side day running light are not in correct position.. my question is it is just bit of lose or been hit? I guess is been slowly hit and not much major

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Its a 2016 toyota.. Toyota normally quite solid in that grarage there is more than 5 Toyota same model but age older when I pressed it don't moving as much as this facelift model.. What we rekon is som1 hit from left caused day running light falls and bumper loose little too or bit of worse whole bumper been slash and refit it


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Most cars and trucks have either hard bumpers like a 1956 custom line has a very hard bumper so if a modern car were it hit it with their door it would not do much but leave a little paint on the bumper. The door is more likely to be damaged. Provided the model it many be different.

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