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Announced on July 2015, this is Motorola's flagship phone. It has a 21 mega pixel camera with a 5.7 inch IPS TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 making it Quad HD. Model number XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 and XT1578.

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Replacement battery kit for Moto x pure

I purchased your battery replacement kit with battery, tools, etc. Is the battery new or an older one that has been on the shelf? What is the expected life of the battery you provided with the kit? Thanks.

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from my experience with ifixit parts they do specify if the part is new, used, or refurbished.

Also referring to the battery expectancy , it depends on how you care for the battery, if you take care and only charge it when you need to (%10-%15) then you should easily see 2-3 years out of this new battery. A typical LI-Ion battery has a life span of about 500-600 charges from empty to a full charge it is reccomended to replace your phone batteries once every year or every other year depending on how comfortable you are with the current battery life of your device.

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