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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Ghost touch issues after screen replacement

Cracked my screen, went and got it fixed at a local phone repair shop. Having issues when for example scrolling down facebook, or any up and down swipe motions. Really unresponsive and kinda jumps around when it does register the touch. Is this the fault of the repair shop? And should they take it back and fix it? Thanks

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Thanks for your speedy response. Hopefully they don’t try to pull anything and sort it out for free


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Definitely it is an after-repair issue. Sometimes when technicians use wrong glue to mount new screen (it get’s hard as stone instead act like rubber). In your case the screen gets too much tension on glass and it gives you self-clicks.

Another repair required. Probably they will glue it off and again with better glue or more precise cleaning.

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