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Why is Fellowes DM8C Paper Shredder Jamming?

When I look into the feed slot, I can see paper jammed in the cutting cylinders. I’ve removed the lid and cleaned out every bit of paper from the cutting cylinders multiple times (no easy task). But shortly after doing so, the shredder jams again. I’ve oiled the cutting cylinders, which used to help. But now the shredder will only accept about 1” of paper before jamming again. I read the comments here on a different Fellowes model, but they don’t apply to my situation. On principle, I’d prefer to try and fix the problem rather than buy a new shredder; however, I don’t want to spend more on a replacement part than I would on a new shredder. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi. If your machine is constantly jamming, the problem could be that you have broken stripper plates. These are the plastic (or sometimes metal) plates that sit between the cutters and make the paper fall into the bin. If they are broken or snapped off the paper can just constantly go around the cutters until it Jams. If you have any questions or would like any more help please visit and we would be more than happy to help.


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