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Repair information for the Asus VivoBook Flip 14. Model numbers: TP412U/TP412UA/TP412FA. Released in 2018.

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How to upgrade storage

Wondering if there was a way to expand the storage on this device

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The most common upgrades these days in laptops are RAM and storage drives. The latter is a recommended task on machines that sport a mechanical drive, which can be upgraded to a vastly superior SSD solution.

If you want to be certain you'll be upgrading using the correct parts, Crucial — which sells branded RAM and SSDs — you can use a handy tool like Crucial, which can quickly check if you're able to upgrade the memory or storage in thousands of laptop models.

Check out how:

  1. Head to Crucial's website.
  2. Select the manufacturer of your laptop.
  3. Choose the product family.
  4. Select the model of your particular laptop.
  5. Hit "Find upgrade".

The tool should return results as to what type of RAM your laptop supports and whether an SSD upgrade is in on the cards.


For upgrades, be sure to double check for the SSD compatibility, but this is what you should be aiming for in terms of capacity and speeds — so long as your laptop can support such component upgrades.

It's also worth noting that you'll need to clone the old drive to continue using your Windows installation on the new storage solution. That or you can re-install Windows on the new storage drive to start fresh.

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Sure there’s a way.

…except he should have (1) grounded himself, (2) disconnected the battery and discharged the capacitors before removing the RAM. (And, just to be complete, re-connected the battery after the install).

You will need a bigger nvme m.2 ssd (you didn’t state what size you have), like this

or this

You would also want to clone your existing system to an external USB-connected drive before beginning. I have an m.2 adapter that I use, to clone directly to the new nvme ssd (see below), but you can economize with an external USB enclosure and an old, larger spin drive, that you would then use to clone back to the new drive. If you only use MS Windows, you can use to make the cloned image. If you want more flexibility, try clonezilla, but it requires an additional boot medium (like a usb stick) and has a learning curve.

the nvme m.2 usb adapter (two examples)

(NB - Canadian prices) on those links.

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laptop does not support nvme interface. lmao

make sure it is sata 3.


Actually according to the Asus website, it does but confusingly also supports m.2 SATA? Thee only expansion slot it mentions for all models is a M.2 PCIe slot so no idea what would actually work


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