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Computer says my password is wrong?

I stopped using my computer for a few months, and when I tried to log in again it says my password is wrong. I know for a fact it isn’t wrong because my other computer that is connected to the same Microsoft account logs in fine. It isn’t because my number lock/caps lock, as it still doesn’t work when I toggle them on and off. In addition, my wifi has changed so this computer is not connected and I am not able to connect it unless I can log in. It’s a pretty old computer but has worked fine for years. Any help would be appreciated :)

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Log onto your MS account via phone, update password. Once in your computer, look at your user settings then set it to "Sign in with a local account instead" to allow you to sign in without a MS account.

This should work, regardless of updates. If not you may have to "refresh Windows" (save your files first) to restore back to factory installation.

Good luck.

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