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The DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2 was announced in 2016 to replace the CUH-ZCT1 controller released in 2013. This controller is similar to the previous model.

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Dualshock 4 (v2) not charging, most prob PCB problem.

As title states it. Problem that a lot of people have yet its different.

My controller is brand new (well it was not used but prob sitted in shop for a long time, bough it as damaged).

It does charge but only with EXT port, not usb. The light is working.

Known solutions, that did not work.

1) Its charging cable. - checked

2) Its charging PCB - swapped to working one, no resoult

3) Its chargign PCB ribbon cable - swapped, no resoult

4) Its connector on main PCB to charging PCB - well the light is working so doub it, but still can actually be it.

5) Battery is not working - well, it is, it charges and i also swapped it.

6) Try reseting ds4 - tried, no resoult.

Since it charges through EXT and not USB i assume the fault is on the usb - main pcb line and its probably not charging chip. How and what to check to confirm it?

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I have the exact same problem, i have changed all the items and the problems seems to be on the main pcb, i havent found a pinout of the ledpcb to be able to trace which lines in the main pcb are data and which ones are energy. I will try to test the resistors in the main pcb to check if one of them is shorted, but i think that a posible solution would be to charge the controller via the port next to the headphone jack


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you are correct more than likely its the main pcb thats at fault, or you need to try testing what ports it will connect to and text their voltage and amps

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Any idea how to do it and what/where exactly to test? Iv fixed couple ds4 already but im it was only basics like changing analog sticks or swaping charging port, i have no idea how to deal with my multimeter :).


you dont need to , get all the usb to wall ports in your house , check the amp rate

you will see it like 500Ma or 1.5A or 1250Ma, plug the controller into each one and see which amperage it will charge to, then tell me the results


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Same boat. Usb stopped working, i replaced the microusb pcb (JDS-040) But it didn't work.

If i connect to my computer i get a Windows chime (on both the old usb and the replacement) but the controller doesn't show up anywhere. No charging light either.

If i press the PS button the light blinks that means the pcb and ribbon are good?
The controller works flawlessly over Bluetooth. well it did until the battery ran out. At this point i don't even know what's the issue.

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