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Dancing water speakers are computer speakers that feature jets of water illuminated by bright multi-color LED lights.

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Speakers are screaming. PLEASE HELP

Water is shooting up np and the lights work but there is a sound like a scream whenever it happens. tried turning down and even at a low volume it still screams when the water shoots up. I really like these speakers and use them for gaming and I dont want to have to replace them. Please help

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Sounds like either the water pump (more likely) and/or the pressure fan (less likely) is shot. Here's a good video that explains how these work:

I would go with a dying pump motor. Take it apart, find the part number, locate it online, and replace.

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ty so much I will give it a shot


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It’s probably you’re playing it at a low volume that’s why same here as I got watt speakers to when I full blast it it’s fine but when the volumes low it makes weird noises

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Just sorted this exact issue , its the grease around the motor spindle runing dry ! , take apart apply lithium grease and or WD40 to the spindle , then test to work the grease into the motor ...

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