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iPhone XR rattles when vibrates/ restarts constantly

My XR has been weird today. Before today sometimes it froze apps and it would fix in 3 seconds like normal. But today it has restarted many times. Installed the latest update but it still does it every 30 mins or so. It makes a weird noice (rattle) when it vibrates. I realize this could be a hardware problem. It accidentally fell from my pocket while sitting today but it wasn’t a major fall, could the rattle be because of that?

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The rattle is likely because the screws that hold the hap-tic engine in place became loose after the drop. Also, if it has been restarting after the drop it is possible but unlikely that the battery connection is loose. The restart and freezing could be corrupt software. I would try installing the OS with 3uTools if you can. Furthermore, there may be an issue with the board itself.

  1. I would try to reinstall the OS using 3uTools if you have a windows computer. Try the retain user data first if that fails. Try complete clean install.
  2. Test a new battery
  3. If none of these options work send it to a qualified logic board technician

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