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A hand-held heat gun released in 2007 by Harbor Freight Tools. Item number 96289.

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Is this heat gun safe to use on a phone?

I was going to use this on a Samsung S8 Edge to melt the adhesive holding the back glass and screen on and just wanted to know if it was safe. Thanks!

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yes most any heat gun can be used you just have to make sure to keep it a reasonable distance from the phone and make sure you are not frying it iv seen people use anywhere from a hair dryer to and industrial heat gun that well scold your face for removing screen sit just comes down to distance and time id keep it a fair way away from the phone and make sure to check it lowest temp possible if you are to weary of breaking or overheating the phone dont do it remember most of the time its the user that messes up not the tool if you have a good ir thermometer use it if not you can pick one up from sears for like 15 bucks you want the screen to be about 210 to 230 degrees f and online it says that the lowest for this gun is in the five hundred so just try it on some spare plane of glass to see how hot it gets and how far you need to hold it

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Yes. I would keep it a distance a way while using it. 8 to 10in . if its what i used to use it can really heat it up

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