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The Flip Ultra HD is a digital video camcorder by Pure Digital/Cisco, discontinued in 2011

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On/off switch stopped working

I have shot many hours of video with this excellent (and underrated) device. Last week the on/off switch stoppled working. The batteries are good. I was able to back up all the video files to my laptop. Any ideas about the switch? It appears physically in excellent condition.

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Switch could be bad or poorly connected to the board in a hard to see place or the board could be failing . I have an old Flip with a crack in the lens, otherwise works great that I would be happy to give you for parts if you decide you want to tear into it and try to get it going again.

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I am in South Africa and the mail takes 3 months to get here (really!) I would like to wait and see if anyone had the exact same problem. It is possible it is a reset issue. It's hard to see how something like a switch could suddenly fail.


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