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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Can I buy a replacement single-cable - display connector is broken

The pigtails are not long enough to stretch from magsafe to mini display port on my MB air without stressing the display port connector - this is frayed now and ready to die. The rest of the display is as new. Just need a new cable

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Did you splice the connection?


No I have not. The display cable is frayed right at the connector and I need to take preventative action. I will buy that cable thanks!


Good! Some people end up damaging things when they try.


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Is this what you are looking for? 922-9941 All-in-One Cable Replacement for Thunderbolt Cinema Display 27" A1407 Mid 2011 (MC914LL/A)

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Oops. No it was A1407 and not A1316... The description with this cable states it will not work with the A1316 that I have


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